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     Many factors determine the value of your home. Your home's listing value is not based on your property tax assessment, your homeowner's insurance value, your mortgage balance or the cost of the house when you purchased it. The condition, location and market conditions all affect the value of your home. The selling price of surrounding homes affects the value of your home.  Their values are used by the appraiser working with your buyer's lender to determine what amount of mortgage the lender is willing to finance on your property.  It is important to be realistic in your value determination. Your                   can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis with the most up to date residential sales in your area to help you determine your price.  There are free market estimates available on the internet, however it is still best to work with your                    to make a final decision. 

Let's take a look at the listing process.

The Listing Agreement

      In the state of Florida most residential real estate brokers or agents act as transaction brokers. This means that your agent is legally bound to represent both parties (the buyer and the seller). We must represent both parties honestly and fairly, account for all funds, disclose all known facts that materially affect the value of a property and are not readily observable by the buyer. The highest price a buyer will offer or the lowest price a seller will take remains "confidential" unless the agent is instructed otherwise by their client.  

     The Seller Disclosure is a document that prospective buyers, particularly if they are working with a will request.  Buyers want to be able to review the condition and history specific to your home. Your agent   can upload the Seller Disclosure with the information on your MLS listing so the buyer has immediate access to the information.  It can help expedite a prospective buyer's decision on whether they make an offer.   

      A Seller's Disclosure must be filled out honestly and as completely as possible. If you do not know  something, state that you don't know.  An accurate and truthful Seller Disclosure can protect you from  future legal action should any problems arise after the sale.   

What we do as your listing agent!

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The Marketing Advantage

     The listing agreement is the contract you sign with your                     to give them the authority to list your property for sale at an agreed sales price, for a specific length of time, and for an agreed upon sales commission. The sales commission is typically an agreed upon percentage of the total price of the sales price you accept on your property.  As explained earlier commissions are split between co-operating Brokers and agents. 

Reasons to use a 


     The Seller Disclosure can take a while to complete. To expedite your listing process and to give you the time to fill out the disclosure at your leisure, you can print a form by clicking on the button!

      We put the pieces of the selling puzzle together!  As your selling agent we market your property and schedule your showings. But that's not all we do! 

     We act as a liaison between the buyer or the buyer's agent.  We answer questions regarding your property with the information you have provided. We negotiate under your direction as your representative when you receive an offer. As your go between we act as a buffer. During negotiations issues can become emotional, a third party as your representative can often help to smooth out any contract issues that might arise. 

    During the contract process the buyer will most likely request an inspection of the property by a certified building inspector.  We are present during that inspection so that we can pass on any necessary information regarding the condition of the property.  This provides you as the seller the time to correct the situation within the time limits of the contract offer or decide to re-negotiate the price. 

    We are in contact with the buyer or the buyer's real estate agent, the building inspectors, the closing agent, and when necessary the mortgage broker of your buyer should the need arise. 

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                      is a professional designation given to real estate sales persons that are members of the National Association of Realtors. A designated                    is held to a higher ethical standard then real estate salespeople that are not professional members of the NAR. Agent members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. 


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